The brain waves power

How do you feel today? Feeling tired, scared, nervous or confused? For your information, that feelings come from your brain waves frequencies. What is brain wave? Have you ever heard about this before?

It is a fact that the knowledge of brain wave enhances a person’s ability to make use of the specialised characteristics of being mentally productive, such as being intensely focused, relaxed, creative, and in restful sleep. As a student, you need to know how to deal with your brain waves in terms of being a successful human being. >>>Penuh


Be creative: Let's move together guys!

Everyone is creative. It is only about how you develop your own creativity potential. What you need to do is unlearn, learn, and relearn through creative activities. But, why we need to be creative?

Joy and happiness
We are most creative during our childhood, playing and enjoying, yet it changes when we get ageing. What should we do is we must continue grow, feeling more alive and leading more meaningful life. >>>Penuh